Our Director Dr. Levy frequently writes education-related articles and blogs for magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Some of these articles are detailed below.

October 23, 2016
technology and learning

3 Tips for Using Technology to Aid Learning

Many children view tablets and computers as tools for having fun. They love to swipe, press, and play games, relishing in mindless entertainment. Yet tech-based tools can be used for more than just sheer entertainment. Help your child use technology to gain many new and valuable learning skills.
September 15, 2016
homework routine

How to Establish a Homework Routine

A new school year has officially started and with it comes many fresh starts: new classrooms, new teachers, new books, and perhaps even new friends. Some students, however, carry with them old habits of losing papers, forgetting important books, and neglecting to turn in their work. Help your child create a stronger back-to-school routine and avoid these organizational woes with the ideas detailed below.
July 19, 2016
educational apps for kids

5 Apps For Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

Educational apps to help your child start Kindergarten on a positive, confident note. Summer is a long period of time without consistent learning, and if your child is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall...
July 17, 2016
test taking prcc

Test Taking Strategies for PARCC

With the PARCC exams around the corner, many students (and parents) are feeling those all-too-common pre-test jitters. Palms are sweating and heart rates are rapidly pulsing. You can help your child feel more prepared and at ease with the standardized test taking tips and strategies detailed below.
July 6, 2016
summer academic skills

5 Activities To Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Summer is a time for outdoor games, splashing in the pool, and spending long days in the sun. Yet‎ summer is also a long stretch of time without consistent academic instruction. During this time, many students lose up to several months’ worth of reading, writing, and math skills. Help your child prevent summer “brain drain” while still enjoying the summer with the ideas detailed below.