Specialized and Customized ADHD Treatment in NYC

Proper Guidance with the Right Approach

Children with ADHD think and perform tasks differently from other children their age.  Often, they experience learning challenges and other behavioral and neurological issues. EBL Coaching provides deep observation and analysis of ADHD symptoms and problems, and we are an excellent provider of

ADHD treatment in NYC.

Using proven teaching methods to improve children’s learning skills, we teach a learning process that improves their success up to two grade levels. Our tutors are skilled at forming relationships with students, helping children feel comfortable and confident.  As a strong rapport is established, we continue studying the student’s behavior and learning challenges, customizing our teaching plan for each student.

We specialize in providing diagnostic and prescriptive tutorial plans for each student, including initial academic assessments and expert instruction. CLICK HERE or call (212) 249-0147 to contact us.