Orton Gillingham Approach for ADHD Treatment in NJ

Techniques and Strategies for ADHD Treatment

Every child is different, and so is each child’s thinking process. Children with ADHD often struggle with executive functioning skills like planning, organizing, and time management. These children sometimes set goals but are unable to achieve them. EBL Coaching provides special one-on-one coaching and guidance, helping students set and accomplish their goals. Our expert team of teachers and instructors use techniques and strategies for

ADHD treatment in NJ.

The main goals of our tutoring team are:
  • To help improve a child’s self-esteem, which is often lost when experiencing repeated failure.
  • To teach time management skills that help in developing a healthy balance between a student’s academic and social life.
  • To improve a child’s powers of concentration.
  • To help students develop social skills, including interaction with friends and others.
We specialize in providing diagnostic and prescriptive tutoring plans for each student, including initial academic assessments and expert instruction. CLICK HERE or call (212) 249-0147 to contact us.