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ADHD treatment in NJ and NYC by Dr. Emily Levy

ADHD treatment NYC in NJ

Dr. Emily Levy is the founder and director of EBL Coaching, a specialized tutoring program that offers individualized one-on-one home and on-site instruction using research-based, multi-sensory techniques. She is also the author of Strategies for Study Success, a student workbook series emphasizing test taking, note taking, reading comprehension, writing, summarizing, and executive functioning strategies, along with Flags and Stars Phonics, an Orton Gillingham student workbook series that helps students develop their fundamental decoding and spelling skills, and Flags and Stars Multi-Sensory Math, a multi-sensory student math series that help students develop a stronger understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. These workbooks are currently used at schools nationwide.

Dr. Levy graduated from Brown University and received her Masters Degree in Special Education from Nova University in Florida. She also completed her Doctorate Degree in Education from Nova University. She performed a five-year research study developing an alternative strategy for teaching reading comprehension and won a fifth place Westinghouse Science and Talent Award for this research. She has spoken at national and international conferences on research-based teaching methods.

As the director of EBL Coaching, Dr. Levy oversees all instruction provided by their highly trained tutors. Whether a student is struggling with their academic skills or needs ADHD treatment in NJ or NY, EBL Coaching centers provide individualized, diagnostic and persctiptive plans to address the needs of each student. For dyslexia and ADHD treatment in NYC, EBL Coaching offers ‎specific instruction using researched-based, multi-sensory instruction, similar to its NJ center.

Once the tutoring begins, Dr. Levy stays in close contact with each instructor to make sure that every student is consistently progressing. ‎She also finds it beneficial to reach out and stay in touch with any other teachers, therapists, or learning specialists who may also be working with the student, in order to work as a team in ensuring the student’s success. She incorporates other reports and feedback, along with EBL’s assessment, in coming up with an individualized instructional plan for each student.

Dr. Levy is truly committed ‎to the success of every student.

The Bergen County Commission
on the Status of Women (COSW)
has selected Dr. Levy as one of the Honorees
for this year’s Women’s History Month (WHM).
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