“My daughter’s confidence is a 180 from when she started with EBL. I couldn’t be more thrilled! She asks to read books every night, reads over my shoulder constantly, and doesn’t seem to be intimidated anymore by words she doesn’t know by sight!

Thank you again for your wonderful program and team. We worked with two private reading specialists prior to EBL. My daughter improved with them but never at this pace nor with this new found confidence. Thank you!!”

Barbara, Parent

“I just wanted to let you know that since coming to EBL Coaching, my daughter has improved tremendously. I just referred someone to EBL again. Thank you so much! Our tutor has been wonderful for my daughter.”

Katrice, Parent

“‎My daughter attended your summer program last summer and not only learned so much, but loved the program!”

R., Parent

“‎My son said he wished he’d done this executive functioning work years ago–it has completely transformed his way of working. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. He just started college and says he will be calling his EBL tutor again soon.”

A., Parent

“Dear Dr. Levy, My son received an excellent report card. I can’t say enough good things about his EBL tutor. She has done a tremendous job helping him improve his reading and writing skills. Most importantly, she is wise and kind. She is always patient with him. Because of his tutor, my son writes with much more ease.”

– Parent

“EBL Coaching helped my daughter seven years ago. Our EBL tutor gave her strategies and tips for writing an essay. Today, my daughter is in tenth grade and her teachers love her essays. She is one of the only students in her class with this skill. Loads of thanks!!!”

– E.L., Parent

“I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Levy for the last five years in various settings including professional presentations, impartial hearings and referrals for tutorial support. Dr. Levy is professional, reliable, and very knowledgeable in her field. When we co-hosted a webinar to inform individuals about academic strategies to support students with disabilities, Dr . Levy created a thorough outline which helped us remain organized and on time with our program. Throughout the presentation, Dr. Levy answered the audience’s questions in a clear, concise and compassionate manner. After the presentation, we received positive feedback regarding the content of the presentation and the manner in which it was presented. I also regularly receive good reviews from parents who I have referred to Dr. Levy to assist their children. It is always a pleasure to work with and refer parents to Dr. Levy.”

– A.P.

“Once again, your tutors have made all the difference in my daughter’s success at school. My daughter had a wonderful EBL tutor that helped her get into the gifted and talented program in NYC, and now she has had a year of another EBL tutor to help her decode and learn how to read. Because of EBL tutoring, my daughter is doing above level in reading and writing.”

– Joan Hoffman, Parent

“Our tutor through EBL Coaching exceeded any possible expectations that I had for my son’s tutoring…My son believed he was totally incompetent in mathematics – now he knows he has a talent for it. He struggled with writing a paragraph – now he writes essays that demonstrate his creative talents. My son was never going on to higher education – now we discuss which college he would like to attend…I honestly could not imagine a more positive, productive experience.”

– Dorie H. Scherma, Parent

“My daughter was diagnosed with a decoding issue in second grade after struggling to learn to read…Dr. Levy matched her with a terrific tutor and customized a learning program that made reading fun and demystified the process of reading…We attribute her success to the methods and techniques utilized by EBL Coaching.”

– Elise Scherr Frejka, Parent

“My daughter has learning disabilities and has been receiving Special Education services through the Board of Education from EBL Coaching for the past three school years. Dr. Levy has been extremely helpful in providing us with good tutors who work well at meeting my daughter’s educational needs.”

– Nancy D’Antonio, Parent

“My son is reading more and more complex books and increasing his reading compression at a remarkable pace. When I spoke to the teachers at his school, they attributed his incredible success to the supplementary tutoring he was receiving at EBL Coaching.”

– Candice M. Turner, Parent

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with our EBL Coaching tutor. My son’s grades have already improved, and he seems to be more confident when he has to take a test. She always comes prepared to do work with him and what I really like is that she shows him ways to study…that was a big problem. I have to thank you for all the help you and your staff have given to me and my family.”

– Diana Famiglietti, Parent

“Thanks again for picking Leah. She has been a really great mach for our daughter. She was able to get her to do things I never could – in fact, her application essay never would have happened without Leah!”

– Barbara, parent

“My daughter had not received a 100% on her spelling test in three years before starting with EBL Coaching. It’s not about the grades-I just want her to feel self-confident, which she now does. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to you, EBL.”

– Sharon Feldman, Parent

“Dr. Emily Levy at EBL coaching is a dream to work with. She is smart, down-to-earth, warm, and incredibly responsive. As a pediatric neuropsychologist, it is critical that I have competent and talented individuals to refer my child clients to for remediation. Dr. Levy and EBL Coaching always fit the bill! Dr. Levy has the training and experience to understand and put to use my recommendations, which is so critical to enhancing a child’s development. She always follows through on each case we collaborate on and invariably the feedback I receive from parents after referring them to Dr. Levy is that she is so wonderful to work with and is so skilled at what she does. Dr. Levy’s work and her practice are both truly inspirational.”

– Dr. Amy Schwartz, Pediatric Neuropsychologist (www.dramyschwartz.com)

“Last summer, our 7 year old daughter had low self esteem and anxiety around her reading difficulties. She had been diagnosed with DYSLEXIA and ADHD, and her reading tutor went away for three months. Dr. Levy’s expertise was a life-saver! She matched our daughter with an expert, gifted tutor, and our daughter’s experience was extremely positive throughout all the sessions. Her reading improved, and she was noticeably calmer and happier!”

– Parent, Manhattan