ADD and ADHD Tutoring New York City

ADD / ADHD Tutoring New York City

EBL Coaching specializes in ADD and ADHD tutoring in New York City. If your child has attention deficit disorder, NY based EBL Coaching teaches multi-sensory reading and reading comprehension strategies that will help them get better grades.

Our director Dr. Levy at our ADD and ADHD tutoring center can assess your child’s needs and help prescribe with a fully-featured ADD tutoring program. New York City based EBL Coaching then create a customized plan to enhance your child’s early learning skills.

At an early age, through our ADD New York tutoring, children can also learn how to properly form each letter and number, build fundamental math and reading comprehension skills, and develop strategies for staying focused and on-task.

We specialize in providing diagnostic and prescriptive tutoring plans for each student, including initial academic assessments and expert instruction. CLICK HERE or call (212) 249-0147 to contact us.