Orton Gillingham NJ

Orton Gillingham NJ

Students who struggle with sounding out words, spelling, and reading with fluency often benefit from the Orton Gillingham method. ‎This methodology is a research-based, multi-sensory technique designed to help students develop their fundamental reading and spelling skills. EBL Coaching’s Orton Gillingham NJ tutoring center specializes in using this technique to help students who are struggling and those who are looking to enhance their reading and spelling skills. Orton Gillingham NJ tutoring can be provided either at EBL Coaching’s Orton Gillingham NJ tutoring center or at the child’s home. Learn more at Four Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader – EBL Coaching.

At the home, EBL’s Orton Gillingham NJ tutors bring a full set of multi-sensory tools, including colored sand, magnetic tiles, mini white boards, and highlighters to aid in their instruction, along with EBL’s Orton Gillingham workbook materials. At their Orton Gillingham NJ tutoring center, EBL’s Orton Gillingham tutors work with students using these same tools, and provide ongoing parent feedback regarding the student’s progress. EBL’s Orton Gillingham NJ tutors enjoy helping their student’s thrive as they develop mastery with their reading and spelling skills. Read more at 5 Ways You Can Encourage Your Child to Read – EBL Coaching.

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Dear Dr. Levy, My son received an excellent report card. I can’t say enough good things about his EBL tutor. She has done a tremendous job helping him improve his reading and writing skills. Most importantly, she is wise and kind. She is always patient with him. Because of his tutor, my son writes with much more ease.
– Parent