How to Help Your Child Build Great Homework Skills

(Originally published in NY Metro Parents, September 2007)

Does your child ever come home from school and complain that he has too much homework, has no idea how to complete the work, or has no homework at all? Kids invent all kinds of excuses to avoid sitting down and doing their homework. Some lack the academic abilities to complete their work independently. Others, however, simply need to learn effective homework strategies. By learning specific tools for time management, organization, and general homework skills, students will be well on their way toward homework success.

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Learning One on One

(Originally published in New York Family Brooklyn Magazine, August 2008)

In even the best New York City schools, it’s not uncommon for students to needs more academic attention than they can get during school hours. If anything, between the demands of homework and the battery of special tests that students now face all along the path from grade school to college, it’s now the norm (among parents who can afford it) to enlist a private tutor to help their child raise his or her level of performance-whether their child is a struggling student or a successful one.

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Strategies for Test-Taking

(Originally Published in Big Apple Parent Magazine, May 2009)

Taking end-of-the-year exams can be one of the most daunting aspects of school. Many students lose well-needed sleep and cringe at the thought of the big test day arriving. By learning some helpful test taking strategies, students can improve their performance on these exams, while helping to strengthen their overall study skills.

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How to Take Perfect Class Notes

(Originally Published in New York Family)

Taking notes in class can be a challenging task for almost any student. Students with special education needs, however, have particular difficulty with this skill. As students progress through school, in-class note taking demands become increasingly challenging.

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Dear Dr. Levy, My son received an excellent report card. I can’t say enough good things about his EBL tutor. She has done a tremendous job helping him improve his reading and writing skills. Most importantly, she is wise and kind. She is always patient with him. Because of his tutor, my son writes with much more ease.
– Parent