Dyslexia Tutoring Center New York City

Dyslexia Tutoring Center New York City

Our center can help your child with dyslexia. New York based EBL Coaching has years of experience with dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia training, and using Orton Gillingham and other multi-sensory techniques, we help our students with cutting-edge dyslexia programs for children.

Our director Dr. Levy at our dyslexia tutoring center can assess your child’s needs and help prescribe with a fully-featured dyslexia tutoring program. We help build up your child’s fundamental reading fluency by teaching them how to sound out words and spell them. Our tutors are dyslexia specialists and can fit a dyslexia reading program to suit your child’s requirements.

We specialize in providing diagnostic and prescriptive tutorial plans for each student, including initial academic assessments and expert instruction. CLICK HERE or call (212) 249-0147 to contact us.